What would you do if you won large sums of money?


In the early ’80s, when my father was a young man living in Wisconsin with three young boys and not very much money to his name, he suddenly began to have incredibly vivid visions of winning millions of dollars in the lottery. The visions were so strong and so clear and he was so convinced that a win was imminent that he made himself, and, by extension and proximity, my mother, sick with worry about what would happen if he actually did hit the jackpot. Rather than focus on all of the wonderful things our newfound wealth would offer our family, all that he could concentrate on was one cold sweat-inducing question: Could we really handle the pressures of becoming nouveau riche or would all of that money ultimately end up ruining our lives? It was the worst of both worlds ― he had fallen victim to the curse of the lottery and he hadn’t even won.

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